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Online Digital Mortgage Technology: Digital ID Verification

From flying, to purchasing certain items, to taking out a loan, ID verification is a necessary part of everyday life. During the mortgage process, you’ll need to have your identity verified to protect against fraud. During a traditional transaction, this would be done by showing a government issued photo ID to your loan officer. 

What is Digital ID Verification?

However, in an increasingly digital world, how can someone’s identity be verified from behind a computer screen? This is where digital ID verification comes in. Digital ID verification means that you are able to confirm your identity using online technology, allowing you have your identify confirmed almost instantly. 

How Does Digital ID Verification Work?

Digital ID verification tools confirm you are who you say you are by comparing an uploaded image of an ID like a government issued driver’s license or passport with a government database. Automated technology analyzes the uploaded image, scanning for different authentication features, and verifies your identity in seconds. This quick and easy process allows you to achieve your home financing dreams from your desktop, laptop, or tablet. 

Now that you’re familiar with digital ID verification, you may be interested in learning more about the online mortgage application. Otherwise, if you’re ready to begin your online digital mortgage journey, get started now!

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