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Digital Security Best Practices

Achieving your home financing dreams through a lender in an online environment can be a game changer when it comes to convenience, speed, and control. However, getting a mortgage, by its nature, is accompanied by document sharing, data passing, and communication of sensitive personal information, and you may understandably have concerns about how secure your information may be. Warp Speed Mortgage follows digital security best practices to ensure your information is protected from unsavory actors with a goal to steal your information. Let’s get into the different ways Warp Speed Mortgage protects your data and personal information below.

Connecting Your Financial Accounts

Part of the home financing process includes sending your financial documents such as bank statements and statements from your retirement and investment accounts. Warp Speed Mortgage offers innovative digital asset verification technology that will connect directly to your online bank account for convenience, speed, and of course, security. This is now the preferred method for many financial institutions to share documents as the connection is direct with no intermediary.

Connecting to Your Employer’s Payroll Provider

Another aspect of the home financing process is verifying your source of income. This requires sending paystubs and W-2s to your lender for review. Warp Speed Mortgage offers a tool that connects directly to your employer’s payroll provider and uploads your paystubs and other proof of income documentation directly to the Warp Speed team to begin the Underwriting process.


Encryption is a digital security practice in which information is made unreadable for anyone who does not have permission to view the data. Access to the data is only given to those who have a certain key or password authorizing them to view the information. When your financial documents and other important personal information is sent to the Warp Speed Mortgage team to review with your loan application, it’s sent via an encrypted email that is only accessible by the Warp Speed team. In the case that you don’t connect to your financial accounts or payroll provider, sending documents via email has never been more secure!

Digital ID Verification

Digital ID verification confirms you are who you say you are by comparing an uploaded image of an ID like a government issued driver’s license or passport with a government database. Automated technology analyzes the uploaded image, scanning for different authentication features, and verifies your identity in seconds.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a process in which users provide two means of authentication to verify their identity. You’ve probably used two-factor authentication before if you’ve ever logged into an online account and then received a text message or email with a five or six-digit code that you enter before being granted access. Two-factor authentication is a more reliable way for online services to confirm your identity because it adds an added layer of security to the login process – a password alone is not enough to get into your online account. This added security means that your sensitive information is protected from potential hackers.

Today, you can do almost anything online. While this offers much more convenience, it could also open you up to becoming victim to bad actors who are looking to steal your information or worse. Warp Speed Mortgage knows this and is dedicated to earning your trust by supporting the best digital security practices that ensure your data, personal information, and sensitive documents are safe.

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